Can I Get a Testimony?

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

pgens_206_400Feel free to e-mail us a testimony of G-d’s power in your life (ie. healing, breakthrough, salvation, encouragement….) at: and we may post it here. Please make it personal (not a friend of a friend, who’s uncle heard of someone…….) Together we can glorify God in our testimony of who he is!


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3 05 2009
Adam Stark

My name is Adam Stark. God began to reveal the true light amidst a dark and unsatisfying time in middle school. I had been immersed into an unsettling atmosphere where everyone around me pursued immorality. Everything was very chaotic and students often rebelled against teachers. Fights were common. I struggled with my studies in school and I was desperate for truth. God immediately drew me to Him through His Word. I began reading the Bible in search of truth. It became clear that the teachers I respected did not have all the answers.

As I began reading Scripture it wasn’t very difficult to perceive the fallen nature of humanity. I knew that I had fallen short of God’s perfect standard and deserved nothing but death. Yet, God being gracious, good, and merciful, sent His only Son to die on my behalf when I did nothing to deserve it. The magnitude of Christ’s love for undeserving sinners has captivated me ever since and I give God all the glory for drawing me to Him.

God brought me to faith through the reading of the Word and the powerful stories of Christian martyrs throughout history. My father helped to provide resources that directed me to Christ and the gospel. This gift of faith that began to grow came to be fortified through the conversion and influence of my family over the years. My brother Chris is a specific example of how God can work powerfully in someone’s life.

After hearing the gospel God opened my eyes and atoned for my sins. I believe that by faith alone I’ve been credited with the righteousness of Christ who lived the perfect life I could never live. I continue to be awestruck, at how God sent His only Son to die on the cross for an undeserving thief such as myself. I realize that I contribute nothing to my salvation. It is on the basis of His grace alone that He rescued me from the wages of sin and my hopeless condition.

I’ve learned that being a Christian is not easy. Life has become much more difficult as a result. I continue to wrestle with sin on a daily basis. If I’m honest, there are many areas I have yet to mortify such as impatience, pride, and idolatry. I have a tendency to isolate myself from the fellowship of others. I believe that God brought me to EP Annapolis to resolve these things within the context of community and fellowship.

Since my arrival I’ve met some wonderful people in the college group. I hope to continue to build edifying relationships as we stir up one another in love, becoming zealous for good works. I thank God that He hasn’t left me alone to my own devices or what I’d often prefer but is constantly molding me. He continues to lead me down the path of repentance and sanctification. I am undeserving of His grace yet He showed me love. My hope resides in the fact that Christ has prepared a place for me and that one day I will be with Him in heaven. I hope to continue to glorify Him with my life as an offering. He is the Author and Finisher.

4 05 2009
Meredith McCormick

Adam, my brother, what a great testimony. As it says in the Beatitudes, “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” From what I gather, you sought and are seeking truth and G-d is definitely revealing it. Keep on desiring righteousness because that is all it takes to be filled! Keep on searching out the truth about G-d for who He is. I hope and pray that you will continue to find yourself within a strong support system of believers–what a gift from G-d it is to have brothers and sisters to walk with! That’s actually how this website got started…just a couple of siblings in the L-rd trying to walk out this faith together.

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