About Us


Welcome to The Forerunner Blog! This site is a collection of devotions, testimonies, revelations and apologetics. Our goal is to pass on the revelation and encouragement to help the bride of Christ run the race set before her.

This blog birthed from a few students at Mercer University in Macon, Ga. We got together and realized that, as we explore Christ together, we come to insights are often lost as we move forward. We also realized that God doesn’t seem to talk to only one person, but He talks to all believers so that we all make one collective testimony. This blog is  a place where we can watch this testimony birth and grow. And also be a place of equipping, edification and pursuit of God.


Contact Us:

Name:                                                         Title:                                        E-Mail

Meredith McCormick             Contributing Writer              

Luke Cohen                                 Contributing Writer             lukercohen@gmail.com

Mikey Walter                              Contributing Writer

Sean Oesch                                  Contributing Writer

Jordan McGee                            Editor/Moderator

Alex McGinnis                           Editor/ Moderator

Aaron McGinnis                         Editor/Moderator


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