In All Things…

17 12 2009

Hello friends,

I decided to meditate on one scripture and see what thoughts came out of it. I just wanted to share it because this verse means so much to me. I hope this helps you in your journey as well.

“For we know that in all things, G-d works for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

KNOW —Reassurance, we are without a doubt as to the truth, It doesn’t say “feel” or “think”, confidence, we may not always feel it, but we know it.

ALL –No matter if I see it or not, no matter if its confusing or if it seems like G-d is not doing anything or rescuing right away, He is working.

THINGS –This encompasses everything and every scenario, no situation or challenge is left uncovered by “things”.

G-D WORKS –He is putting in effort, He is in the details, work often implies over time, not instantly worked out, but sometimes its instant too. Be patient if it’s gradual working.

THE GOOD –Our best, better than we may want at the time, our good and His good are not always the same, but regardless, it’s for the absolute best, He works for more than just a good thing, but a great thing, sometimes this requires us to trust when our views of good differ.

THOSE THAT LOVE HIM –Don’t worry about always trying to make sense of G-d and just love on Him, our job is to love on Him…what a gift!, We can let go of control, love freely, and choose to let Him have the reigns.

CALLED –All of us as His beloved have a purpose and a mission, we are meant for more than just existing and looking out for our good.

HIS PURPOSE –He doesn’t always promise to fulfill our purposes, but when we follow His call, we can fulfill His purpose for us. I believe He shapes us, our calling and purpose from Him will always be better than what we desired and enough, whether we see that now or later.

Keep walking along, surrendering moment by moment to our Father…as hard as that is sometimes.

One step at a time,
Mere 🙂