An Eternal Perspective

12 08 2009

brideAn Eternal Perspective

“But the day of the L-rd will come like a thief, and then the heavens will vanish (pass away) with a thunderous crash, and the [material] elements [of the universe] will be dissolved with fire, and the earth and the works that are upon it will be burned up. Since all these things are thus in the process of being dissolved, what kind of person ought [each of] you to be [in the meanwhile] in consecrated and holy behavior and devout and godly qualities, while you wait and earnestly long for (expect and hasten) the coming of the day of G-d?…Be eager to be found by Him [at His coming] without spot or blemish and at peace [in serene confidence, free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts].” -2 Peter 3:10-12, 14

“This passage of Scripture should invoke reverential fear and awe within you. It is a waste of time trying to impress people—what matters is what G-d thinks of you. You must keep an eternal perspective. The world as we know it will one day vanish and Jesus will return. We should spend our time in this world preparing ourselves to enjoy eternity in G-d’s presence.”

-Joyce Meyer, Ending Your Day Right

I think we need to get excited about the L-rd’s return. Think of how wonderful it will be to be able to love on G-d and serve Him without having to be constrained by our human will! His return shouldn’t be taken lightly, but we should also remember that it will be our happily ever after with our Bridegroom.

In the meantime, we should act like a bride preparing for her upcoming wedding. In my time around brides, I have noticed their focus—every detail perfectly arranged for the special day, and this is more than just decorations and stuff for the ceremony, they are also preparing themselves. Some women begin a healthier lifestyle right after they get engaged so that they can become the best they can be (at least physically). Take this same type of vigor and focus it on our Savior Bridegroom that shall return. We can’t fix our hearts and feelings, but we can be obedient and take actions to try to live like we believe that this day is a big deal. One important aspect of a wedding is the guest list. You would never dream of leaving someone near and dear off that list…so why would we not do everything we could to make sure that all our friends, family, and the people around us are going to take part in the feast with our Lamb? We need to live with an eternal perspective so that we do not put off sharing the hope that we have with those around us. Do you have someone that you want on that list that doesn’t know yet? I know I do and I wish that they were already there. The end of the passage mentions being “at peace” when He returns. I believe this is speaking of many facets of peace. Not only is this referring to our inner peace, but I also believe that it implies at peace with people as well. Are you in some sort of conflict with someone? As far as it depends on us, we need to work towards resolution. Do you really want to have to explain to the Bridegroom why you were letting conflict with someone get in the way of your commitment to Him? This is such a challenge, but we need to live with a sense of urgency so when the Lamb comes back, we are ready to party!