Intricately Beautiful

1 03 2010

Warning: This Post contains numbers! Don’t skip this one though, trust me. The conclusion is relevant and quite breathtaking!

Gen 1:16…He made the stars also.

The universe is also infinitely small. I’m a student of Molecular Biology (or uber-small biology). And the more I study the cells, atoms, and systems, the more I have come to realize just how amazing life is. There are thousands and thousands of chemical pathways and mechanisms going thousands of criss-crosing ways in every cells.

One single cell has more moving parts than New York City–containing more genetic information than the Encyclopedia Britannica, all 60 volumes of it, 6 times over. And you have roughly 75-100 trillion (with a capital T) cells in your body. Then there are roughly 200 septillion atoms in your body. That’s a 2 with 24 zeros following it!

If i were to get smaller than an electron of an atom, you would look to me to be mostly space–a galaxy of galaxies that i could travel through. Yes! You are a universe of atoms!All this moving, spinning, shaking, zipping around in order to make up your frame! As Albert Einstein said, “the thumb alone proves the existence of God!”

Feeling pretty big? If you have ever flown in a plane and looked out the window, you may be struck with a sense of how small we are and how big the world is. We live in a big world with 6.7 billion other people.

Starting to feel it? We live in a solar system nestled in a cluster of stars. That cluster lives in a bunch of clusters of hundreds and thousands of stars which make a pinpoint in our galaxy of about 100,000,000,000 (100 billion stars). Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is one of up to 500 billion galaxies–basically, a galaxy of galaxies. This is only what we can observe with modern technology!

These facts make Gen. 1:16 seem like a comic understatement! G-d had made this and that and–oh…he made the stars also!

David thought about what was around him in the world and remarked in Psalms 8:3-4

When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,

4 what is man that you are mindful of him,
the son of man that you care for him?

David was overwhelmed and he had no idea the extent of the earth, let alone stars and had no idea about cells. How more true is this passage today? How much more tomorrow? You may feel small now. But, believe it or not, such an infinite God cares about you. How can this be true when everything is so small and massive at the same time? Can God truly care for little old me…

This is not humbleness– it is not realizing the greatness of God! He’s so huge that he is small. He knows you at an intimate level. he knows the number of hairs on you head and goes as far as to care for sparrows! Check out Matt. 12. He is so big and his love so massively infinite that it extends to care for you! Only such an outlandishly infinite God could create such an outlandishly infinite universe and have such an outlandishly infinite attention and love.

If you want proof that God is able to love you in this way, look at the stars! If God can handle the unfathomable numbers of moving parts all around us, he han handle the care the complexities of your daily life. He literally is too big not to be able or willing to. Really–is there anything he can’t do? Only such a loving God can create something so intricately beautiful.

***For 2 pretty awesome videos of the known universe that will blow your mind check out this post from our sister blog StrayInklings! (shameless plug)




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1 03 2010
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2 03 2010
Meredith McCormick

I really like it! The facts and numbers harmonize so beautifully with His crazy love 🙂

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